1. Excel Format Bulk Load Sheets: These are spreadsheets containing specific data related to the migration process. They likely include information such as code lists, plant rules, specification data, material control data, and part class data. These sheets serve as a means to organize and transfer data from the source system to Smart 3D.

2. Database Snapshots Backup Files: These files contain snapshots of the database from the source system. They capture the state of the data at a specific point in time and are used as a reference during the migration process. These backups ensure data integrity and provide a fallback option in case of any issues during migration.

3. Deliverables: Deliverables refer to the outputs or results of the migration process. In this case, they are provided in both full and incremental forms at project milestones. Full deliverables likely include a complete migration of all relevant data to Smart 3D, while incremental deliverables may involve updates or additions to the migrated data as the project progresses. These deliverables are tailored to meet the requirements of the Plant Model Migration project schedule.

Overall, the process involves extracting data from the source system, organizing it using Excel format bulk load sheets, and migrating it to Smart 3D. The database snapshots serve as a reference point and backup during the migration process, ensuring data integrity and facilitating troubleshooting if needed. Deliverables are provided at project milestones to track progress and meet project schedule requirements.

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